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Varanasi - Gold + Chalcedony earrings

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Candy colors reign supreme this summer.

Orange chalcedony is a semi precious stone. It is a silicon dioxide and a cryptocrystalline variety of the mineral quartz. The name Chalcedony is widely believed to be a direct reference to an ancient Greek settlement in Asia minor. Whilst this settlement was known as Chalkedon, modern English usually presents this as being spelled Chalcedon, hence the forming of the name Chalcedony for this gemstone variety.

Chalcedonies are believed to have been considered sacred stones by Native American Indians and they were often used for ceremonial purposes, particularly for promoting stability within the tribes.

Chalcedonies are believed to promote charity, improve relationships and enhance the wearers ability to offer kindness to others, as well as irradicating feelings of hostility, negativity and irritability. Chalcedonies are also credited with having the ability to promote emotional balance and to improve the wearers vitality and stamina.