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Pune - Silver + Star of India earrings

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Handmade Star of India oval cabochons set in Sterling Silver

What is diopside? Diopside was named in 1800 from the Greek word dismeaning double and opsis meaning vision, in reference to the pleochroism (different colors displayed when viewed from different angles) found in its prismatic form. Colors found: blue, brown, colorless, green, gray, purple and white.

Legends and lore

Diopside is also called the “crying gemstone” because it is believed by crystal healers to heal trauma by bringing forth cleansing tears.

Diopside is assumed to bring creativity to the wearer and is said to be related to love and commitment. Crystal healers believe that, when worn close to the chest (such as in a pendant), Diopside can benefit the heart, lungs and circulation.